Advance Tyre Service (Oakey)

held at Jondaryan Woolshed
March 18-19 2006
Organized by Garden City Country Music Assoc
A Qld Champion of Champions Qualifying Event

OVERALL SENIOR - Sarah McMonagle
OVERALL JUNIOR - Keyonie Bolton
BEST AUSTRALIAN SONG - "Kelly Legend" - Gary McDonald

Senior Encourement Award - Jerry O'Donohue
Junior Encouragement Award - Rebecca Kerr
Juvenile Encouragement Awards -
Louise Wippell - Savannah Dickens - Emily Upshall
Jenna LeeCharles - Jaclyn McPherson

Snr Male Bush Ballad 1st. Gary McDonald
2nd. Brian Edwards
3rd. Peter Gleeson
Golden Oldies 1st. Bob Osborne
2nd. Noel Medcalfe
3rd. Des Boughen
Open Original Composition 1st. Noela Dillon
2nd. Catherine Kemp
3rd. Sarah McMonagle
Juvenile Bush Ballad 1st. Karli Hassall
2nd. Coralie Charles
3rd. Melanie Kerr
Snr Female Variety Act 1st. Sarah McMonagle
2nd. Rebecca Jackson
3rd. Rachael Jackson
Jnr Country Rock 1st. Keyonie Bolton
2nd. Jeremy Turner
3rd. Andrea Jackson
Open Vocal Group 1st. The Jackson Sisters
2nd. Keyonie Bolton
3rd. Different Directions
Snr Female Gospel 1st. Rebecca Jackson
2nd. Sarah McMonagle
3rd. Rachael Jackson
Juvenile Gospel 1st. Taylor Puia
2nd. Karli Hassall
3rd. Ebony Upshall
Junior Gospel 1st Andrea Jackson
2nd. Keyonie Bolton
3rd. Jeremy Turner
Junior Duet 1st. Craig Phillips & Andrea Jackson
2nd. Keyonie Bolton & Jeremy Turner
3rd. Weapons of Mass Distraction
Snr Female Bush Ballad 1st. Dell Lowien
2nd. Sarah McMonagle
3rd. Amanda Halloran
Juvenile Vocal 1st. Taylor Puia
2nd. Deanna Samin
3rd. Karli Hassall
Instrumental 1st. Rebecca Jackson
2nd. Graham Edwards
3rd. Bart Thrupp
Jnr Bush Ballad 1st. Dana Hassall
2nd. Andrea Jackson
3rd. Keyonie Bolton
Snr Male Variety Act 1st. Peter Gleeson
2nd. Noel Medcalfe
3rd. Jason Charkes
Snr Country Rock 1st. Sarah McMonagle
2nd. Rebecca Jackson
3rd. Rachael Jackson
Snr Male Gospel 1st. Gary McDonald
2nd. David Upshall
3rd. Peter Gleeson
Junior Variety Act 1st. Lance Coassin
2nd. Keyonie Bolton
3rd. Lorrae Charles
Australian Comedy 1st. Daniel York
2nd. Amanda Faulkner
3rd. Andrea Jackson
Senior Duet 1st. Jackson Twins
2nd. Tracey & Darren Robinson
3rd. Peter Gleeson and Catherine Kemp

Garden City Country Music Assoc Inc
Qld Champion of Champions

SEQ Country Round-Up